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Beginning Tai Chi - Complete Program - Download

$8.88 USD

BEGINNING T’AI CHI - Complete Program - High Resolution Download (m4v file - 1.6 GB, compatible with iPad and iPhone)

12 Lessons plus Form Demonstration Front and Back.
Complete Program is Approx. 2 Hours, Individual Lessons are Approx. 10 minutes each. 

Learn a traditional T'ai Chi sequence that can be done in 5 minutes anywhere, with no equipment. 

T'ai Chi is perfect for relaxation, invigoration, focused concentration, stress management, and enhanced balance.

The video segments are conducted just as a class or private lesson should be, but with progress dictated by the student. Each 10 minute lesson repeated as necessary until it is retained can be a daily workout, providing the Fundamentals of Form and Sequence in a coherent format that helps to establish a consistent exercise routine.

Click here for a sneak peek of the first lesson.

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First Lesson, Second Section

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